Space Saving Solutions For Small Apartments

Space Saving Solutions For Small Apartments

Are you living in small apartments in salt lake city? Have you tried everything in your power for squeezing that extra bit of space from your small apartment? If you are facing problems with the square footage then these tips will be worth considering for you. These tips will help you to reclaim some breathing space in your apartment.

First thing you can do is to ditch the doors. Of course, there is no point in keeping that extra wood around if what you need is nothing more than an opening for walking through. It is true that sometimes one needs to have privacy but there are times when it is more important than anything else to free-up even the minutest square footage possible. It won’t really take too much of effort in order to take the doors off their hinges and it will be even easier for you to slide that door underneath the bed to store it.

Another tip for opening up the space in your salt lake city apartments is to cheat the curtains. Yes, everyone might have heard this piece of advice before but many take it for granted and do not try it. Yes, it is quite easy in your scheme of the things to get your tools out and give ceiling-boosting makeover to your windows. It will certainly make them look stand out and they will give an open feel to the rooms as well. It can be regarded as high heels, but for the room. This way you will be able to elongate the stumpy ceilings in a way that you would not believe yourself.

Another important thing that should be done is lightening visual load of your apartment. If there are some chunky pieces in your apartment, or just so much stuff in general, you should better lighten things up wherever possible for you. However, this does not mean that you will have to forgo all your furniture items. Instead, you should switch up things with something that is delicate or clear so that the surface space is kept without making it hefty.

Another trick that many often miss is floating the furniture items. If there isn’t too much of space available in your rental apartments for keep certain things that you like, you should better make your walls do heavy lifting while floating your nightstand, shelving or desk with the help of handy brackets that can keep them intact. All you need to do is to find the stud and get things to hanging.

These are only some simple tips that will make your small apartments feel bigger and open up the space. The key, of course, lies in how you arrange things in order to make sure that the space does not get cramped and there is enough space available for walking around and that the visual appeal of the space is not compromised at all. Little things do matter and you have to make sure that you do it the right way!